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Montclar les 2 Vallées is one of the most popular places in the Southern Alps. Located at the foot of the slopes, Le Saint Jean hotel offers an ideal environment for a nature break. Managed by Bruno, Maguy and their daughter Camille, the hotel offers a warm and personal welcome.

The history of Hotel Le Saint Jean in Montclar

Hotel Le Saint Jean is the first building to be built in the resort of Saint Jean Montclar, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2021. Montclar was designed and built by and for the inhabitants of the commune and the Vallée de la Blanche.

In 1959 Henri Savornin (Bruno's father), a local whose aim was to combat the rural exodus was elected Mayor. Supported by concerned and involved teams who each brought their sweat, know-how or land to the table, he bet on relaunching the local economy.

The gamble paid off, as 50 years later the resort still exists and continues to evolve. Bruno has always participated in the resort, first by quarrying stones on the slopes, by cutting trees to widen the slopes and then with a group of friends and siblings, ran cabaret evenings for the clients of the resort's establishments.

He learnt how to cook from his uncle Raymond Gras who was the manager of the Hotel Le Saint Jean in the early 80s. Then he met Maguy who came straight from her native south. She was also a waitress at the Hotel Le Saint Jean, which led to them making the perfect team.

They participated in the opening of the second hotel in the resort, the Hotel Espace, and then left with their four children for Corrèze. There Bruno was the manager of the Balladin hotel and also managed the village tourist office, while Maguy worked with him and sometimes with her brother.

When they returned home 5 years later, Bruno took over the management of the Hotel Auzet in Le Vernet, 15 kms from Montclar, and Maguy was employed at the Hotel Le Saint Jean, which was rented out to holiday camps at that time, as it had not found a proper owner or manager.

At the end of 1999 the decision was made for Bruno and Maguy to take over  Hotel Le Saint Jean. With the help of their 4 children, they started to make some improvements: paint, floor, beds, everything was done. And as time went by, they brought it up to date.

In 2007, the hotel entered the 21st century by installing a lift! The hotel was then revamped and the rooms redesigned. Their love for their profession and for Saint Jean is so strong that they have passed it on to two of their children.

Thibault, 3rd of his name, is now a seasoned chef and runs his own restaurant with a friend in Angers; Camille,  2nd of her name, after having travelled the world, came back to the family business in 2020 with the aim of taking over when her parents retire.

But don't worry, you can still enjoy Bruno's dishes for a few more years.

The Hotel Le Saint Jean in Montclar is a family history


Hotel Montclar
Our offers
  • Hotel with full or half board
  • Restaurant offering local and refined cuisine
  • Diversified activities in summer and winter
Our strengths
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • A family and friendly atmosphere
  • A refined and diversified cuisine
  • A menu that pays tribute to local products
  • A warm service

Find us at the Saint-Jean Montclar resort in the PACA region.

The rooms and activities of our hotel in Montclar

Our rooms are comfortable and well thought out. You will find a mixture of modernity and traditional Provencal colours, with vintage bathrooms, but further work is planned. They can accommodate from 1 to 5 people and offer a view of Dormillouse or the Vallée de la Blanche.

You will find practical storage and cosy bedding, and a quiet environment where you will spend peaceful nights. The hotel and restaurant are a perfect compromise for the whole family for all seasons, with a mountain bike room in the summer and skis in the winter, and equipment for babies within easy reach.

The "Famille Plus" labelled resort is designed for you; the possibility of leaving at a different times because dad is an athlete and has to accompany the children, mum taking the time to get ready, then taking the little ones to the nursery and meeting dad on the slopes... Take it at your own tempo with the inconveniences of travel.

For your family holidays, the Hotel Le Saint Jean offers :

  • a warm and personal welcome,
  • seasonal activities
  • spacious family rooms (5 to 6 people),
  • preferential rates from service providers,
  • a comfortable setting, conducive to family life,
  • discounted rates on certain services,
  • discounts for long stays.

Come and spend your holidays in one of the most lively village resorts in the region. Visit our hotel in Montclar


Resort Hotel Montclar

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